Google waves off $112,000 AdWords fee of a 12-year-old


$112,000 is a big sum but when you are one of the biggest tech companies in the world flushed with cash, waving off $112,000 of AdWords fee, and that too, of a 12-year-old kid trying to promote his music band and running into this expense unintentionally, can be a great opportunity to show how benevolent you are.

The Spanish kid named Jose Javier created a Google AdWords account to promote his brass band. His parents, thinking that he was going to make some advertising money from his website gave him the details of his bank account. Trying to promote his brass band, the boy didn’t realise that he was racking up so much money – to the tune of $112,000. Now, $112,000 towards something such as a google ads campaigns Singapore marketing agencies could offer, would have certainly created a big buzz for his brass band!

Realising that this money was spent, by mistake, by a small kid, Google decided to waive off the fee. According to a spokesperson of Google, “It was all a big mistake and he did it without thinking.”

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click service mostly used by big and small businesses to advertise on Google and websites that publish Adsense ads. If you are interested in advertising through Google Ads for your business, you can see all the necessary Tools for automating Google Ads to help you get started. It is like, you create an ad under the appropriate category. Then, when you have activated the ad, it begins to appear on the Google search engine as well as the websites partnering with Google. You can have hyperlinks leading to your landing page or website and when people click your ad, you have to pay for every click. How much you pay per click depends on what is the going rate for your particular keyword. So when Jose created his AdWords ad and when people clicked his ad he incurred an expense. The bank called up his parents to tell them that their son was raking up big debt. This case is very unfortunate but luckily the ending is not as bad as it could have been! In the future, it might be wise to use a RAM PPC campaign instead. After all, they are the experts in this sort of strategy.

The sort of coverage Google’s gesture is getting on the Internet, for a partly sum of $112,000 (for the company its loose change), Google has carried out a marvelous PR exercise. Just imagine how it would have looked had it forced a 12-year-old kid to pay up that much amount and besides, his parents wouldn’t even have been able to pay $ 112,000 and it would have created lots of bad press for the company.

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