Google still dominates the search engine world

Google 88% desktop
Google 88% desktop

Despite various search engines popping up on a regular basis, 88% of desktop users and 93% of mobile users still use Google for its daily dose of searching, according to this report. Compared to Google, only 3.99% people use Yahoo and a meagre 3.8% use being.

In China of course it’s Baidu that rules the roost with 67.3% Internet users using Baidu for searching the net. But the country also has its own version of Twitter, called Weibo, so that seems to be a consistent pattern.

In your Google almost seems to have complete control with 91.36% people using the search engine on desktop and 95.9% people on mobile phones.

Does it mean Google is the best search engine around? I don’t think so. Bing these days seems to be throwing up better results. Then why people are using Google so much? May be habit. Google has become synonymous with searching. People say “just google it” or “I am googling”.

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