Google is starting its own version of the Uber taxi service

new car pooling service from Google
new car pooling service from Google

Google may pose competition for the Uber taxi service by launching its own ride-sharing service that will directly compete with the Uber taxi service. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, already has a car pooling program running in San Francisco using its navigation app called Waze. This app can be used to find available carpooling opportunities. The navigation app Waze was acquired by Google in 2013. It offers real-time driving directions based on information from other drivers.

The difference between Google’s ride-sharing service and services like Uber and Lyft is that Google intends to make it into an actual carpooling service rather than turning it into the usual taxicab service. Through its service, Google intends to connect riders with the drivers who are going in that particular direction. The lower costs of travelling will also keep taxi drivers away from the service. The current carpooling program charges the riders as low as $ .54 per mile and at the moment Google doesn’t take a cut of the money being exchanged.

There was a time when Google and Uber were working together. Google even invested $ 258 million in the Uber taxicab service but gradually it also started working on competing services. The Uber taxicab service has been using Google maps for navigation purposes but recently it has started working on its own Google maps version so that it doesn’t have to solely depend on Google for its operations. Both the companies are also experimenting with driverless, auto driven taxi services.

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