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Google has released a new messaging app called Spaces. In fact, Google is not calling it a “messaging app”, it is calling it a “group sharing tool”. Google Spaces is for holding group chats and then during those group chats, sharing lots of information, like links, videos and search results.

Normally these different functions are not tied to each other. For example, amidst a group discussion if you feel like sharing a video, you first have to go to YouTube, get the URL, come back to your messaging app and then copy/paste the URL so that everybody can see it. The same goes for links and search results.

With Google Spaces, everything is packaged within the messaging app or the “group sharing tool”.

Highlights of Google Spaces

  1. Interactions and communication happen around the stuff you share
  2. You can search Google and YouTube straight from within Google Spaces
  3. Google Spaces supports image recognition

The main stress is on sharing. This is not like Google Hangouts where you can do lots of texting and in between if you want to share something you can share it. Google Spaces is specifically for the sort of interactions where it will be assumed that people are going to share videos, links and search results. The discussions will happen around things being shared, rather than things being shared because discussions are happening.

This Next Web blog post explains in detail what exactly you can achieve with Google Spaces.

Why would you use Google Spaces?

  1. For organizing brainstorming sessions
  2. For organizing study groups so that lots of notes and videos can be shared
  3. For organizing parties with friends
  4. For sharing a family event when people cannot come
  5. Any group activity that can be organized digitally around a particular theme or topic

Is Google finally getting the social web with Spaces?

Remains to be seen. Surprisingly, when it comes to succeeding on the Internet, it isn’t your size that does the trick, it is the uniqueness and the usefulness factor. Google has launched many social web/social networking tools after Facebook and Twitter, but nothing has worked. Remember Orkut? It was completely wiped off by Facebook. Remember Google Wave? Then there was Google Buzz. Recently there has been Google Plus.

I think why Google hasn’t been successful in the social web is because it needs a dedicated team to carry out such a big successful operation. For example, the people managing Facebook just manage Facebook. The people managing Twitter just menace Twitter. The people managing Uber just manage Uber.

The bigger companies try to do everything just because they have the money and the resources. It doesn’t work that way.

Recently Google introduced its keyboard for iOS called Gboard and it has the same function: the ability to search information without leaving your current application. Maybe the keyboard was designed/developed keeping Google Spaces in mind?

Right now it seems comparatively a smaller project because there isn’t even a dedicated video for the new Google Spaces app.

Oh, Google Spaces is not just a mobile app. You can also create Spaces on your PC browser.

image source: The Next Web

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