Looking for a Google Now or Siri voice assistant and search alternative? Try out Hound

Hound voice search – a Google Now and Siri alternative
Hound voice search – a Google Now and Siri alternative

Hound seems like an ominous name for a personal assistant app for your mobile phone. Brings to my mind “The Hound of Baskerville”. But that’s another thing. If you aren’t much impressed with how Google Now (mostly Android) and Siri (iOS) solve personal assistance-related problems, you can give Hound a try. It’s a personal assistant alternative for Google Now and Siri. Here are 2 videos to refresh your memory about what Google Now and Siri can help you do on your mobile phones:

Google Now video

Siri video

Of course the major problem with Google Now and Siri is that they are platform-specific. You can have Google Now only on Android and Android-type devices. Siri, being from Apple, is available only on iOS.

Are you using a Windows 10 tablet or mobile phone or even PC? Then you must have by now used Cortana or have been bugged by Windows 10 to give it a try. It is also a personal assistant but right now I don’t know if Hound is available on Windows 10 or not.

Here is a video showing capabilities of the Hound voice-controlled digital assistant.

As you can see, it can bring up answers to very complex questions.

Is it going to replace Google Now and Siri? It’s difficult to say because both Google Now and Siri are default apps that come on Android and iOS devices respectively and they also use many native features available in the operating systems. But yes, if the Hound app drastically improves user experience, then one never knows. For example, although there is always a browser with every mobile phone, people still download Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. So yes, if Hound is better than Google Now (I frequently use it) then I would surely like to give it a try. Right now it is available in beta version. When I visited the Google Play store link, it says that all my devices are incompatible. On my HTC Desire 816, I have Android 5.0.2.

Anyway, according to this CNET video review of Hound, the voice search and assistant app may actually be able to beat Google Now and Siri.

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