A Google self-driving car causes an accident for the first time

Google's self driving car has caused an accident for the first time
Google's self driving car has caused an accident for the first time

Just imagine, rash driving being done by a self-driving car from Google. So far, whenever there have been accidents involving Google’s self-driving cars, the company has always claimed that it was the other human being driving the other vehicle who was responsible for the accident and not their self-driving car. It might have been true but since there is always the first time in every aspect of life, it seems the Google self-driving car has caused an accident due to its own fault this time. This won’t encourage support from the general public, who have already expressed reservations about the safety of these vehicles. Fortunately, they haven’t stopped making cars and vans that require an occupant to drive them. In fact, you can get new vans that need you at the wheel.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen. There are things that can be done to try and avoid them, such as following the rules of the road and even learning accident prevention techniques from somewhere like the IMPROV driving school, but the matter of the fact is that they will always happen occasionally. Thankfully, when it came to this accident, no one was harmed. But there are times when people lose their lives from incidents like these. If you or anyone you know has lost a loved one, through something like a wrongful death, you could look into a company like Nehora Law Firm, who can help you get the compensation you deserve, to assist with covering aspects including burial costs, funeral costs and medical bills. Everything is important and essential to give them the send off they deserve. Be sure to do your research first before anything else as there are loads of different law firms that you can use to help you with your case. So you just have to find the right one to help you out. This might mean that you end up using someone like this car accident attorney smyrna, but there are plenty of others out there.

Just recently Google had claimed that its self-driving cars have logged 1 million miles on the roads without causing a single accident.

Here is what happened, according to Google’s official report:

One of its self-driving cars, a Lexus SUV, was driving itself down El Camino Real in Mountain View (when they say it was self-driving itself, does the car by itself decide that it needs to drive or was there somebody inside?).

It needed to take a right turn onto Castro Street (well, they have a street named after Fidel Castro in America?), so it moved to the right lane. It detected sandbags sitting around a storm drain blocking its path so it stopped. In order to avoid hitting the sandbags the car moved to the center of the lane. A public transport bus was approaching from behind. The software of the car thought the bus driver would stop or slow down and allow the car to continue. The bus driver, being a bus driver, neither stopped nor slowed down and hence, an accident happened.

It’s weird that the software of the self-driving Google cars hasn’t taken into consideration the way bus drivers drive on the roads. Fortunately much damage didn’t occur.

It seems someone was inside the car. According to the reports appearing on the Internet, the person inside the car is supposed to take control of the steering in case something unseemly seems to be happening. But this time, even the person sitting inside the car thought that the bus would slow down.

If the software engineers at Google are really serious about building software for self-driving cars, maybe they should move to India where their auto-driving software will learn to process not just vehicles, but thousands of other objects that it may encounter while driving on Indian roads.

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