Google Search can now understand complex questions and their meanings

Intelligent Google voice search

More and more devices and their various functions are these days controlled by voice-based commands and the pioneer so far has been Google Search with its voice search capabilities competing with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google anyway does a great job locating information on the web but it is also continuously working at improving the voice search capabilities. Until a few years ago only tech savvy people were using search engines to look up information on the net but these days even those who have never used a computer are searching for information on their mobile phones and typing in complicated and complex questions becomes a problem. Google is trying to solve this problem. It doesn’t just intend to process your complex questions, it also intends to understand their meaning and then present the results accordingly.

What do complex questions and their meanings mean in terms of Google search understanding them and presenting to you the most appropriate results?

Take for example, as mentioned in this Techcrunch post, asking Google Search what are the ingredients in a screwdriver. According to conventional search screwdriver would mean screwdriver and nothing else. But since most probably when you’re looking for ingredients in screwdriver, Google can understand that you want information on the drink and not the tool.

Another question might be “how was the weather during the last football World Cup?”

If you’re having a conversation with a person these questions might seem quite simple but for a machine algorithm, they can be quite complex because millions of word combinations need to be taken into consideration before the right answer can be presented to the search engine user.

All these new features are explained in this Google App link.

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