Google Play Store is constantly crashing on my phone

Google Play Store crashing constantly

Sonjoy from Kolkata writes:

Dear TechBakBak,

I recently purchased a new Android phone and I was very excited about downloading a few games from Google Play Store. Unfortunately, whenever I try to launch the Play Store, it crashes. It keeps crashing, stops, and shows this message


Sometimes it doesn’t even show the above message, it immediately shuts down without warning or simply vanishes as if no button has been pressed.

I don’t know if the Google Play Store crashing is a problem that is specific to my phone or if there is something wrong with the Google Play Store server. Kindly advise.

TechBakBak answers

Dear Sonjoy.

Google Play Store constantly crashing is one of the most common problems Android phone users face and fortunately, sometimes, easiest to solve.

Sometimes you simply need to reboot your device and Google Play Store starts behaving.

If that doesn’t work, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Application Manager (on different versions there might be different ways of reaching the section)
  • Go to Download Manager
  • If it is turned off, turn it on

Once you have turned on your download manager, Google Play Store should stop crashing.

If this doesn’t work, maybe there is some problem in the cache? You can again go to the Application Manager, scroll down to Google Play, tap it and then tap the Clear Cache button. Try Google Play Store again.

Similarly, you can also clear the Google Play Store data because sometimes there is some problem with the data which causes the Play Store to crash constantly.

Did Google Play Store start crashing after an update? You can uninstall the updates – again go to Google Play Store in the Applications Manager and hit the Uninstall Updates button. This way the Play Store will revert back to the original version and you should be able to use it.

Sometimes, Google Play Store crashes because you either haven’t installed Google Play Services or you need to run an update. Do that if you haven’t.

Finally, you may need to reset your phone. Save your data, take all the necessary backups, then reset your phone. This should definitely get Google Play Store working.

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