Google Play family sharing will soon allow you to share your apps and games

Google Play family sharing
Google Play family sharing

Google will be soon launching the Google Play Family Library (explained here) plan that will allow you to share your apps, games, music and videos with up to 6 family members. So whatever apps and media that you purchase from Google Play Store you will be able to share them through their family sharing feature with six family members, you being the primary account holder.

Every family has multiple devices like smartphones and tablets these days and at our household, every device is Android-based. So whenever I’m setting up a new tablet or a new smartphone I need to either sign in using my own Google account (through which I have purchased all the necessary apps and books) or I need to sign in with my daughter’s or my wife’s account to enable them to download just the free apps. With Google Play family sharing I should be able to share all the games, apps and books that I have purchased from the Google Play store.

Family sharing has been there in Apple’s App Store for a long time. Even when you subscribe to Apple Music, you can share your account with multiple family members. This way it becomes quite convenient and you don’t have to purchase the same content again and again.

Of course family sharing on Google Play is going to cost something – I haven’t been able to find out how much it costs. No, according to this CNET link, you don’t have to pay extra to set up the Google Play family sharing. A good thing is, once you have set up Google Play family sharing, you will be able to control which apps, games, music items and movies you want to share and which you would like to keep private.

Is Google Play family sharing available in every country?

Another big caveat is that Google Play family sharing isn’t yet available in every country. The link above has a list of countries with Google Play family sharing is available, so this is a bummer. But I’m pretty sure that Google Play family sharing will be soon available in all parts of the world.

What do you need to avail Google Play family sharing?

First of all, it needs to be available in your country. You need to have a valid credit card. You should have your own Google account, not the company’s account. You shouldn’t belong to another family group. You should be of a valid age (whatever that means in terms of Google’s terms and conditions). That’s pretty much all you require to avail Google Play family sharing.

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