Google is planning to have a dedicated facility for incubating new apps, ideas and services

Google incubating new apps in a dedicated corporate area

It’s been known for a while that Google allows its employees to spend a day every week working on side projects. These projects are not directly related to their current work; they are incubating ideas. They may work and they may not work. The point is, they should continuously be working on new things because one never knows, what might turn out to be a great product or service.

This Forbes link reports that Google is setting up a separate corporate incubator known as “Area 120”.

Initially, the Google employees could spend 20% of their office time on their side projects. In “Area 120” they may even be able to spend six months continuously working on the incubating project rather than spending 20% or one day every week. This way, they will be able to focus better on projects that might turn into something worthwhile one day. Google’s resources will be at the disposal of the employees working within “Area 120”.

One day, the products and services coming out of “Area 120” may be turned into independent companies and business projects.

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