Google Photos now allows you to hide faces of people you don’t want to see

Hide faces in Google Photos

Why go through the ordeal of having to see people on Google Photos that you don’t want to see? Addressing to your problem, the mobile apps of Google Photos now allows you to hide the faces of people you don’t want to see. This feature also prevents events with that person from appearing in “Rediscovered this day” cards in the Assistant.

Google Photos has more than 100 million monthly active users so it is becoming one of the most widely used photo management tools. One of the most fascinating technology Google Photos has is “Face Grouping”. Just like Facebook and Apple Photos, Google Photos has built-in facial recognition capabilities and it can automatically organise photos and images by recognising faces. Its facial recognition algorithm can identify photos of people and help you visually organise them quickly. This feature is not yet available in many parts of the world, but according to the Google Photos Twitter update below, this feature is rapidly being introduced in other countries.

So naturally, the opposite is also needed. Suppose you want to exclude some annoying people from the photos the Google Photos application is organising for you. For example, you don’t want to ever see the photos of that annoying aunt with gaudy jewellery. Or if you don’t want to accidentally group the photographs of your ex-girlfriend while grouping the photographs of your present girlfriend (or boyfriend, or wife, or husband).

Here is how to hide the faces of all the annoying people in Google Photos:

  • Open the Search area in the Google Photos app by tapping the search icon (usually, the magnifying glass)
  • Tap on “More” in the people section to display everyone
  • Long-touch the faces you no longer want to see and then tap Hide in the top right corner.

Of course if you change your mind and become more lenient you can unhide people.

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