Google Photos can now automatically straighten upside down and sideways photos


Google Photos will now automatically straighten or rotate the photos that are upside down or sideways. When you are taking photographs, especially on your mobile phone, sometimes it is not possible to know what is going to be the orientation of the photo. Sometimes it is totally upside down, sometimes 90° clockwise and sometimes 90° anticlockwise. Up till now, you had to do it manually using the inbuilt photo editor that comes with your camera app.

With artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to recognizing photos and especially faces within photos, Google Photos can now recognize if your photos are tilted sideways or upside down.

When you install Google Photos it asks you if you would like to save all your photographs in Google Photos and free up space on your mobile phone. This is a good way of storing all your photos in the cloud. Once you have set it up to save your photos in Google Photos, the next time you take a photograph using your mobile phone, it is automatically saved in Google Photos. When it is uploaded and when you view your photograph, Google Photos now asks if you would like to straighten the photographs that are tilted sideways or upside down.

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