Google is offering a parental control app Family Link, but it needs Android Nougat to run

Family Link parental control app from Google
Family Link parental control app from Google

Parental control apps on digital devices are going to be a big issue in the coming days as more and more kids get hooked on to their mobile phones and tablets and more and more parents begin to panic. Kids even as young as five years are getting smartphones as Christmas gifts these days, but that’s a self-imposed problem not a consequential problem. The digital time has begun to eat into the regular life’s time. A few days ago I wrote about unGlue, a parental control app that allows you to decide at what time your kids can use their mobile phones for various activities. I couldn’t try out that app because currently it is not available in India.

So I was quite excited when I came across this link that talks about another parental control app, but this time from Google itself.  This app is called Family Link and it allows a parent to control the usage of the mobile phones of their kids. The bummer is, the app can only run on  Android Nougat 7.0 or higher. The author of the above link was invited by Google to try out the app so she has explained her experience with it. This Mashable link describes in detail how the app can be used.

Here is  Washington Post video on the Family Link parental control app:


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