Google may soon launch an Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system for laptops and tablets


Although Google is gradually making it easier to use Android apps from within Chrome OS-powered laptops, as you read in this report, eventually Google may launch an Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system for laptops and tablets so that features of these operating systems could be used interchangeably. The ability to use Android apps in Chrome OS is available on selected few Chromebooks, but once Google has launched its Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system the features of both the operating systems as well as their apps will be available on almost all the devices and laptops in the Google ecosystem. In fact, I wonder why Google started working on separate operating systems like Android and Chrome OS in the first place. If it already had Android it should have worked on developing a laptop-PC version of Android or if it already had Chrome OS, it should have worked on providing Chrome OS on mobile devices instead of Android. Anyway.

The new Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system may be called Andromeda, according to this 9to5Google update. Initially Andromeda will be available on the Nexus Huawei tablet and the Pixel laptop. The laptop will be called “Pixel 3”. Google plans to launch the new Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system somewhere in 2017. Apparently, engineers at Google have been working on creating this Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system for quite some time now. The internal name of the project is “Bison”. These will be a totally different range of tablets and laptops and these laptops won’t be marketed under the brand name of Chromebooks.

Maybe Google is trying to follow the footsteps of Microsoft; Microsoft intends to make Windows 10 behave the same no matter on which device you use. Right now you have different apps for different environments but eventually, all Windows 10 apps will work seamlessly in all the devices. Perhaps with Andromeda Google aims to achieve the same. The software applications for personal computers and laptops will be merged with the apps used on smartphones and tablets.

Some technology experts are saying that mobile phones are eventually taking over PCs and laptops but personally I don’t believe in this. People very easily start talking about the demise of personal computers and laptops. PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets all have their individual uses. Perhaps the reason why people are saying that the mobile is overtaking PCs and laptops is because in Andromeda features of Chrome OS will be merged into Android so basically, majorly it will be like Android.

This Android Police update says that the release of tablets and laptops running Andromeda cannot be confirmed yet. The project of creating an Android-Chrome OS hybrid operating system may even be shelved, depending on the conditions prevailing at that time. No specifications for the tablet and the laptop are available because they will also depend on the technology available at that particular time. One thing is confirmed that if a laptop running on Andromeda is launched, it will be a laptop-cum-tablet– a Lenovo Yoga-style convertible laptop. It may even look like Microsoft’s Surface Book. It may be powered by an Intel m3 or i5 core processor with 32 or 128 GB storage and 8-16 GB RAM. The different ranges suggest that the tablet and the laptop may come in two or more variations.

Anyway, this hardly matters. The more important news is that Android is being merged with a desktop environment and eventually, there may be no difference between mobile phone operating systems and operating systems running on PCs and laptops.

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