Google Maps is becoming more social, people can create lists of places


Google Maps is all about places all over the world so it’s natural that people should be able to make lists of places they have visited or would like to visit someday. Google Maps has this new “bucket list” feature that allows you to create lists of places and also share these lists with your friends.

As explained in this Google blog post, the bucket list feature in Google Maps also helps you to prepare a list of places you’re out-of-town relatives and guests can visit when they visit your town. The bucket list feature for places is available on both Android and iOS Google Maps apps.

How do you add your favourite place to a list? It is explained in this video:

Just find the place you would like to visit on Google Maps. When you have found the place, at the bottom of the screen you can see a Save icon that you can tap. You can add the place to your “Favorites”, to a pre-existing list or you can create a totally new list. Then afterwards you can share your list with your friends and relatives. The default lists created by Google Maps are “Favorites”, “Starred Places” and “Want to Go” bucket lists.

This new feature will certainly encourage more people to use Google Maps not just to find ways around, but also to mark places for themselves as well as for people they would like to share their lists with.

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