Google Maps will automatically know where you are going

Google Maps Driving Mode

Normally when you need to know about your route – what are the traffic conditions, how are the roads, and what is the best route that you should take – you need to enter your destination. You need to tell Google Maps where you are going. But according to a recent update, you can have a “Driving Mode” that will automatically know where you are going.

This is a feature noticed by Android Police in Google Maps V9.19. As mentioned above, in order to know about the route you are about to take you need to 1st enter the destination, but what if you forget or you don’t enter it because you think you don’t need much information. Maybe there are roadblocks on the way, maybe the traffic is quite slow, maybe a procession is on its way. There can be a ton of information that can help you reach your destination safely even if you don’t need the navigation features.

Driving Mode uses your location history and web searches to make assumptions about where you are going and then give you traffic updates and the estimated time of arrival as you move forward. The above Android Police link explains how to activate the feature on your device.

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