Is there a Google keyboard available for iOS?

Now it's easier to use Google's Android keyboard with one hand
Google keyboard will soon be available on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad

Google keyboard for Android is actually a great keyboard and it’s a pity that such a keyboard is not available in the iOS environment. Really, I keep on switching between SwiftKey and Google Android keyboard because the Google keyboard is much more accurate in predicting while I’m swiping. SwiftKey is good in looks but of late it is lagging behind in performance. Google keyboard on the other hand doesn’t look very good on your smartphone, but it functions quite well.

This official Google video explains how convenient it is to use Google keyboard.

So is there a Google keyboard available for iOS? It might not be available right now, but this Android Authority link says that Google is developing a keyboard for iOS.

There was a time when you could use only the stock Apple keyboard in your iPhone and iPad. People using Android devices on the other hand, had a big list of Android keyboards to choose from. In fact, most of the Android users didn’t even know that in some devices it was not possible to choose your own keyboard. This feature was badly being missed in iOS. From version 8.0 onwards, you are able to use third-party keyboards in your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

The problem with iOS users is normally they are not very tech savvy so it also means they are not very adventurous when it comes to choosing a non-Apple keyboard. This is the reason why third-party keyboards haven’t exactly been popular among iOS users.

Millions of people use iPhones and iPads so naturally Google wouldn’t like to miss such a big market when it comes to promoting its products. How does a Google keyboard working in iOS help Google? Maybe branding? The Google search engine?

Google keyboard has got Google search integrated into it and a big market using iOS devices awaits Google once people start using the Google keyboard on iPhones and iPads. Reportedly, Google has been working for months creating the keyboard-search-engine combo specifically for the iOS environment. It will also have built-in GIF search and many more features. Oh, the swiping keyboards are also called gesture-based keyboards.

People using the Google keyboard in the iOS environment will be straightaway able to tap the Google logo on the keyboard and instantly perform a web search. Google image search will also be available through the keyboard – this feature is not available in the Android version of Google keyboard.

The SwiftKey keyboard is available on iOS and I have used it, but compared to its Android version, it feels very primitive and restraining. Let’s see what Google comes up with when it comes to creating a keyboard for iOS.

It isn’t just Google keyboard that is being made available for iOS. You can use Google Plus in iOS devices.

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