Google is setting up its first data centre in India


In order to provide better and speedier services to customers in India, Google is setting up its first data centre in Mumbai. This will enable Google to provide speedier services to its Google Cloud Platform services (and other Google services) customers in India. Tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon have already set up their data centres in India. Amazon has many Amazon Web services customers in India and Microsoft has Microsoft Azure customers. This Business Standard report says that Amazon already has three data centres in India serving over 75,000 customers including Ola cabs and Tata Motors. Google too has big customers in India including Wipro, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra and others using its global cloud platform but since the cloud platform is outside of India, now and then the service experiences snags.

The data centre in India will help Google especially cater to the financial services industry because in this industry it is not permitted to send financial data outside the country. If the data centres are within the country businesses in the financial sector will be able to use Google’s cloud services without any problem.

The announcement that Google is setting up its first data centre in India was made at an event in San Francisco called Horizon Besides Mumbai. Aside from India, Google also announced other regions where it is setting up data centres including Singapore, Sydney, Northern Virginia, São Paulo, London, Finland and Frankfurt.

Google already has a significant presence in India. Millions of people use email and Google apps, now the G Suite. Its mobile operating system Android is used on almost every non-Apple mobile phone and tablet. Almost everybody uses the Google search engine. So as far as branding goes, there are very few that can beat Google. The only problem was that so far it didn’t have any data centre set up in India specially to cater to the Indian market.

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