Google is launching the 4K Chromecast Ultra


Google is launching a better version of its Chromecast dongle. If you haven’t yet used Chromecast and you are wondering what it is, it is a small dongle that you can attach to your TV’s HDMI port. Once it is set up you can broadcast content from your mobile phone and tablet to your TV. Not just from mobile phones and tablets, you can broadcast content even from your laptop or computer, but what makes this great, is that you’re finally able to make the most use of the ultra 4k projectors out there on the market. In fact, casting now is integrated into the Chrome browser.

The next version is going to be the 4K Chromecast Ultra. It is going to be expensive than the normal Chromecast that people have been using. The present Chromecast dongle costs $ 35 but the 4K Chromecast Ultra dongle will cost $ 69. 4K resolution is actually ultrahigh definition video. Casting 4K resolution videos requires massive amounts of data exchange and the current Chromecast dongle cannot accommodate so much data and hence you may require the upcoming 4K Chromecast Ultra. The new 4K Chromecast Ultra will be able to cast 4K resolution videos from all the device that can broadcast content to TV.

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