Google is going to launch a 5.9-inch screen smartphone called Shamu

Shamu Google Nexus 5.9-inch screen smartphone
Shamu Google Nexus 5.9-inch screen smartphone

Shamu, by the way is the name of a killer whale and this means Google with its upcoming release of the 5.9-inch screen smartphone is quite serious about the size of the new device. These are the times of what they call phablets – a hybrid of a phone and a tablet. Those who have been using the various Samsung Galaxy Tabs for years also as phones shouldn’t be strangers to the concept but people have always had apprehensions about using such big phones. Up till now things were fine with 5-inch smart phones because somehow they can still be put in pockets and pouches, but as the screen size increases, so will increase the size of the overall device and one will be forced to carry it in hand, like people have to do with tablets that they also use as phones. Sometimes it can become awkward; in fact since I only had a tablet as a phone I avoided taking it when going out and then eventually I purchased an HTC phone.

The new phone will be launched under Google’s existing Nexus brand. According to this Wall Street Journal blog post entry, Motorola Mobility is manufacturing the phone.

The new phone will be larger than iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch) and even larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note that is credited with starting this new phablet concept.

A typical phone no longer remains these days as a calling device as for many people it is the first ever device they use to connect to the Internet (and many of such people have never used a computer or laptop). The smaller tablet is generally 7 inches and it depends on your hand whether you can comfortably hold it while trying to make or receive a call but a 5.9 inch screen is still manageable. My only problem would be carrying it around, otherwise I like bigger screens.

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