Are Google Drive and Gmail down on your side of the world

Google Drive and Gmail are down
Google Drive and Gmail are down

Many users in different parts of the world are frustrated that they are unable to access their Google Drive files as well as Gmail. So you might like to check if Google Drive and Gmail are down on your side of the world or not. If you haven’t realized, either you don’t have this problem, or there is no pressing need for you to worry about the temporary problem but if you have been trying to access your documents, images and pretty much everything that you store on Google Drive, you must be feeling quite disconnected and frustrated. Here is the Google Drive outage chart presented by DownDetector.

It’s not necessary that if Google Drive is down on your side then you can’t also access Gmail. To many people Gmail is available while Google Drive has become unavailable. According to this Techradar link, the outage is being experienced around the world.

If your business uses Google Drive and Gmail to run day-to-day operations, then all the services must have come to a halt. But for many office goers, the pleasure of not being able to work lasted for just 20-odd minutes. The outage was fully resolved after some time.

Strangely, in some parts of the world, people are still complaining about Google Drive and Gmail being down.

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