Google Drive is getting better at handling duplicate files


Google Drive is improving the way it handles duplicate files in your cloud storage account. Normally, creating duplicate files on your PC, in the same folder, isn’t possible because you get a notification from your operating system that you’re trying to create a duplicate file. Even if you don’t get a notification, if the name already exists, for example “this file name.doc”, the new file is named as “this file name (1).doc”, “this file name (2).doc” and so on. This normally happens when you are downloading files using a browser.


In the case of Google Drive, many users first download the file on the local drive, work on it, and then re-upload the new version. Previously, all the versions were saved and were needed to sift through date and time stamps to find out which is the latest file. Now when you upload a file after revision, and if you do it multiple times, it is marked as “revision 1”, “revision 2”, and so on.

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