Google is coming up with a Truecaller alternative to stop spam calls

Google phone app now supports blocking spam calls
Google phone app now supports blocking spam calls

Google is launching this new feature to its stock Google Phone app to help you stop spam calls – unsolicited calls people and companies make to you to sell their products and services. The app will be initially available on Nexus and Android One smartphones. This feature seems to be like a Truecaller alternative to help you weed out spam calls.

If you haven’t used yet, Truecaller is a mobile phone app that warns you if there is a spam call. It relies on crowdsourcing. When you receive a call that is a spam call, you can actually mark it as “spam call” and whoever receives the call from the same number will get to know how many people have marked this number as “spam”. In this new Google Phone app you will find an alternative to the Truecaller mobile app that will allow you to block and report phone numbers associated with spam phone calls.

You will be able to use this Truecaller -like service if you have activated your caller ID. You will also need to update your Google phone app to its latest version. Again, right now this feature is going to be available just on Nexus and Android One smartphones.

The spam-calling feature doesn’t seem to be as good as Truecaller, for the time being. Truecaller makes blocking spam calls a group activity and marking phone numbers as “spam” is integrated into the interface itself. But in order to mark particular phone calls as “spam” in the Google phone app you have to go to “Recent calls”, tap on the number that you would like to mark as “spam” and then tap “Block/report spam”. You will find more information on how to mark certain phone numbers as “spam” on this Google Support link.

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