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Sometimes it takes a few seconds longer to reload your web page even when you have just loaded it and need to refresh the information by pressing the F5 button on the keyboard, clicking the Reload icon in your browser window or even on your mobile phone. Even a small delay of a few seconds can be annoying to some people.

Google has made some changes to Google Chrome so that your web pages will be reloading 28% faster now. You should be able to feel this change on your desktop as well as on the mobile versions of your browser.

Google admits in this Chromium blog post that things haven’t changed much when it comes to reloading web pages. Various browsers have been reloading webpages the same way they have been doing it for many years. When reloading a web page Google Chrome (or any other browser) uses a process called “validation”. This can be hundreds of requests to see whether there are some broken links on the web page or the content on the page is updated since the last loading or reloading. In mobile phones, it’s even longer.

Google has reduced the number of validation requests by 60% in Google Chrome so that your webpages will be reloading 28% faster on desktop as well as mobile phones. The entire process of checking whether the information is updated or whether there are broken links on the web page has been improved. The updated code in Google Chrome maximizes the reuse of cached resources and lowers latency, power consumption and data usage.

Saving a couple of seconds may seem unnecessary especially when you are reloading a web page but since Google is focusing more on mobile interfaces, even smaller delays can have a significant impact on how people use the Internet on their mobile phones. Speed constantly needs to be improved so that other functions of web pages can perform better. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the web page containing just text may reload because normally text-only  webpages load or reload extremely fast. But an e-commerce website with a long catalogue may take a long time to reload in a mobile phone browser, as demonstrated in the  video below:

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