Google Chrome is getting really slow, how to speed it up

Google Chrome is getting really slow

Sandra from Ohio asks:

When a few years ago I started using Google Chrome it was extremely fast in fact it was one of the best browsers on the Internet. But of late I have observed it becomes very slow. Sometimes it even crashes. I am aware that applications and browsers tend to get, what they call, bloated, with all those extensions constantly added and removed. Over the years I have added a few extensions and add-ons but I normally remove them, but still, every passing day I find it working slower and it is getting really slow. Please tell me how to speed it up because I don’t want to switch to another browser.

TechBakBak answers:

Many people are coming up with this problem that Google Chrome is getting really slow despite the fact that it used to be the leanest browser. Every application in the beginning works fast and then over a period it begins to get slow. It also happens with your computer. Anyway, in case Google Chrome is getting slow on your computer, these are a few steps that you can take in order to speed it up:

  • Restart Google Chrome: If you haven’t restarted your Google Chrome browser for a long time try doing this. Close everything related to Google Chrome. If possible, right click on the status bar of your Windows desktop and then click Task Manager. There, wherever you find something from Google Chrome running, “End” it.
  • Manually upgrade Google Chrome: Although Google Chrome updates itself whenever you start it, sometimes it doesn’t. Try updating it.
  • Remove extensions: As you yourself have mentioned, over all these years you have installed many extensions and removed them. There might still be some extensions that you haven’t removed and you’re not even using them. From your Google Chrome browser address bar, go to chrome://extensions and remove all the extensions that you are not using. Restart your browser after that.
  • Remove plug-ins: People often get mixed up between extensions and plug-ins, but plug-ins are sort of extensions the browser sometimes needs in order to run particular applications. For example, in order to run YouTube videos, you need the Flash video plug-in. If you have installed many such plug-ins, using your Google Chrome browser address bar, go to chrome://plugins and remove all the unnecessary plug-ins. Restart your browser after that.
  • Check for malware: Malware is like virus but it is mostly used to take over your browsing habits, steal confidential information and throw weird advertisements at your face. Malware can considerably slow your browser down. Although these days many browsers come with inbuilt malware protection, sometimes you need to use third-party tools to remove malware. As recommended by Google itself, you can check out Malwarebytes.
  • Reset your computer: Maybe the problem is with your computer? When was it the last time you reset your computer? Has it been many years? Normally it’s good to reset your computer once a year.

These points should help you speed up your Google Chrome browser.

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