This Google Chrome extension replaces online ads with your study notes

Google Chrome browser extension that replaces online ads with study notes
Google Chrome browser extension that replaces online ads with study notes

Finding it hard to concentrate on your studies? If you are aimlessly browsing the Internet instead of studying, this Google Chrome extension can help you. Online ads are omnipresent. No website these days is without online ads. You can see them everywhere. You can see them the moment you load a web page. You constantly see them on sidebars. Once you have gone through a blog post or an article, you can see an ad at the bottom and also bang in the middle of the blog post or article. Wouldn’t it be great if these annoying squares and rectangles were replaced by your study notes? This is what this Google Chrome extension achieves for you. It replaces every instance of online ad on your current browser window with the study notes of your choice.

Once you have installed this extension in your Google Chrome browser you can access the section where you can create subjects and under those subjects you can create your study notes. The study notes can consist of text and images. Then the study notes will appear wherever you see online ads on different webpages. This can be a great way of studying because your notes are always in front of you.

Will every instance of online ads be replaced with your study notes after installing this extension? Not necessarily. Embedded advertisements, the sorts that you come across on Facebook and Twitter will not be replaced. Also, sponsored content that you see below online publications may also not be replaced. Even the conventional online ads display for a couple of seconds before being replaced by your study notes. The study notes extension would have been more powerful if it could also replace online ads on Facebook and Twitter, but for the time being, something is better than nothing.

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