Google Chrome extension to find every possible Netflix category

how to watch unlisted movies on Netflix

how to watch unlisted movies on NetflixOnly a particular number of Netflix categories are available on the main page. Although the online video streaming website is constantly showcasing the trending  content or the movies and TV shows that you would like to watch according to your watching history, sometimes you want to watch those rare categories and genres that are not easily findable. Suppose you want to watch a courtroom drama. Adult animation. Some Korean TV show. Satanic stories.

There are so many categories that you can’t even think of them. So how do you find all these so far unknown Netflix categories? You can use this free Google Chrome extension for all Netflix categories.

Once you have installed the Netflix categories Google Chrome extension you can see the icon at the top corner of your browser. Click on it and you can access all the existing Netflix categories.


You can also mark your favorite categories so that you can immediately access them without scrolling much. There is a search box at the top to help you find the categories quickly.

Don’t want to especially install a Google Chrome extension to find unknown Netflix categories? You can simply book mark this post: How to watch unlisted Netflix movies and TV shows that are not listed under main categories.



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