Google Chrome anonymous browsing in Google’s iOS app


Previously it was not possible to browse the Internet in incognito mode in Google Chrome in iOS. Now this feature has been made available in iOS, so now you can browse the web anonymously using Google’s iOS app. This is, if you prefer to use Google Chrome in your iPad or iPhone. Otherwise, incognito on anonymous browsing has been available in the Safari browser for long.

In the latest version of the Google Chrome app for iOS, you can use the 3D touch to start a new session that is incognito or anonymous. In incognito or anonymous session your private information is not saved so your browsing history will not be available.

How do you know if you are browsing the Internet in incognito or anonymous mode or not? The interface turns dark. When you use Google Chrome in anonymous or incognito mode, it turns to a darker theme to tell you that you can do all the dark things you feel like doing. Anyway, people don’t use anonymous or incognito mode just to be naughty on the web, some people are really concerned about their privacy, especially when using a device that is used by many people.

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