Google Keep automatically organizes your notes under different topics


Google Keep has just made it easier for you to find the relevant notes. Although its search tool works exceptionally well and whichever note you want to find you can find it using its search toolbar, organizing different notes under topics is a much easier way in Google Keep to find what you have been saving and creating.

According to the size of your window, you may find the topics arranged horizontally at the top or vertically on the side. It might be using the words appearing within your notes and the labels that you might have used to create different category topics.

Surprisingly, I observe that even those who have been using a computer or a laptop for more than a decade don’t have a clue about these excellent notetaking apps. There is Evernote, and a lighter cousin is Google Keep. Evernote is an independent company and Google Keep, well, you can easily make out belongs to whom.

Evernote recently restructured its pricing as well as what it offers in the free plan. So if you have been using Evernote and you feel restrained by the conditions of the free plan, maybe you can also start exploring Google Keep. I use a mix of Google Keep and Evernote because I find both useful for different needs.

Google Keep offers you minimal features. Right now you cannot attach files unlike in Evernote. You cannot upload PDFs. You cannot have videos. All you can do is, write text, create lists and copy/paste images. Still, if you want to organize your thoughts then Google Keep is one of the best and one of the lightest notetaking apps available across multiple platforms.

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