The Google artificial intelligence can now identify objects in videos

Google artificial intelligence recognises objects in videos

Right now if you carry out video search your search depends on the text and the tags associated with the videos. Although search engines can find images based on the objects contained within images, up till now it hasn’t been possible for artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and objects in videos. No longer remains the case. The Google artificial intelligence can now identify objects in videos, according to a demo presented at the Cloud Conference in San Francisco. It is called Video Intelligence API.

In the sample video used in the demo, the AI was able to identify a dachshund in the video. The API was also able to tell the context of the video, which was an advertisement or a commercial.

This API can also be used to search for videos containing particular objects or sceneries. For instance, in the demo, the person from Google was able to search for videos containing “beach”. As mentioned above, previously, it was not possible to find videos without the associated tags and textual information.

Google has made the Video Intelligence API publicly available so that developers can use it to develop their own applications.

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