Google alternative to FaceTime video chat app Duo is available now

Google video chat app alternative to FaceTime
Google video chat app alternative to FaceTime

Have you been missing FaceTime after switching to an Android phone from your iPhone? Now you can video chat using an app from Google which is being hailed as an alternative to Apple’s famous FaceTime. But then what’s different in the Google video chat app called Duo than other video chatting apps like Google Hangouts, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger and even Skype? These are not standalone video chat apps – video chatting is just a part of the various things you can do using these apps including messaging and file sharing.

Google has never been too serious about Hangouts. Besides, video chatting is already available in Facebook Messenger. So why would people use the Google video chat app Duo? Maybe those were used to using FaceTime and now since they have switched over to Android, they are looking for a Google alternative to FaceTime. Google also wants to give competition to FaceTime because the Duo video chat app is also available on iOS.

Here is the video introduction of Google video chat app:

The Duo video chat app, says Google, is built for speed and simplicity. The video streaming resolution is automatically adjusted according to your Internet connection. Also, all your calls are fully encrypted.

Duo is a standalone video chat app that can accommodate one-on-one video calls with those who have the Duo video chat installed on their mobile phone or tablet.

This Mashable post explains all the main features of the new Duo Google video chat app that is being hailed as an alternative to FaceTime.

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