The Google AI can help sharpen and improve low resolution images

Google AI that can sharpen and improve low resolution images

The biggest benefit of sharpening and improving the quality of low resolution images would be for solving crimes. Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days but in most of the cases the images captured by the surveillance cameras are not as sharp as needed. A group of Google researchers working in artificial intelligence have figured out how to sharpen and improve the quality of low resolution images so that the information contained within these images becomes recognisable. For example, see these faces:

Google AI that can sharpen and improve low resolution images

The research and findings of the new study that will help Google AI researchers sharpen and enhance blurry images is published in this PDF.

Here are some more examples of how extremely unrecognisable images can be improved using the new image processing algorithm:

examples of Google AI improving resolution of blurry images

How will this image processing technology be useful?

Right now it is in its nascent stage  but still you can see how, suddenly, the images that cannot be recognised at all, become recognisable. This is a great  progress. This way, even images where  the face of a person cannot be made out, it will become possible to recognise faces. Whether it helps police nab criminals or not remains to be seen.

This technology method can also be used to make enlarged images sharper. When you enlarge images of lower pixel rate that tend to get blurry. Maybe with this technology, even the enlarged images will look more sharp and crisp.

Low-cost cameras cannot take good pictures because their cameras are not high quality. Maybe this technique can also be used in these low-cost cameras to enable people click high-resolution photographs.

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