Google has added 8 new categories to Google Play Store

8 new categories in Google Play Store
8 new categories in Google Play Store

To help you find the right apps for your Android mobile phone Google has just added 8 new categories to Google Play Store. The list of the newly added app categories on Google Play Store are:

  1. Art & Design
  2. Auto & Vehicles
  3. Beauty
  4. Dating
  5. Events
  6. Food & Drink
  7. House & Home
  8. Parenting

If you are wondering what is the significance of these 8 new categories added to Google Play Store, this gives you an indication of what sort of apps are being developed these days and what sort of apps people are looking for. Google has also renamed categories such as Transportation to Maps & Navigation and Media & Video to Video Players & Editors.

These new categories might not be available to everybody right now and the new changes will be rolled out gradually within the next 60 days.

Do you use categories to search for your preferred apps on Google Play Store? Most of the apps that I have installed on my phone and tablet, either I find the reference on blog posts and articles (The 10 best to-do list apps, for example) or by simply using the search bar in Google Play Store. I don’t remember ever using categories to find the apps I’m looking for on Google Play Store. I think using the Category hierarchy would be a better way of finding new apps rather than randomly searching for them.


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