GoDaddy has launched a social networking app for entrepreneurs


When it comes to launching social networking apps it’s difficult to think of GoDaddy that is primarily associated with domain registration and web hosting business. But this is exactly what GoDaddy has done: it has launched a social networking app especially for entrepreneurs. It’s a community-based app called Flare that will help entrepreneurs share their new business ideas with each other and then implement those ideas in order to create new businesses, if the Fare community thinks that it’s a feasible business idea. Actually, according to this TechCrunch update, GoDaddy had launched its social networking app for entrepreneurs back in May, 2016.

The GoDaddy social networking app for entrepreneurs will provide budding and established entrepreneurs a platform to not just share ideas with fellow-entrepreneurs but also get immediate feedback which is, of course, one of the salient features of any contemporary social networking app.

Aside from discussing ideas, entrepreneurs can also use GoDaddy’s social networking app to become advisers for the entrepreneurial community. Entrepreneurs can also share their knowledge and insight about various disciplines in the field of business.

Tina Nguyen, Director of Product Management and co-creator of the GoDaddy social networking app Flare had this to say about the latest app, “We created Flare because we recognize that whether you have just had a fleeting thought and want to explore where you might be able to take it, or you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business, Flare is the first place to go for someone that wants to take the next step.”

How did GoDaddy come upon the idea of launching a social networking app for entrepreneurs? Interestingly, sometimes people call up GoDaddy support and seek feedback on their business ideas. Maybe this is because in its ads GoDaddy constantly encouraging people to register new domain names for their new business ideas. The basic idea is, present your business idea, and then ask the community, would someone pay for that?

Of course if new ideas germinate through the GoDaddy social networking app there is a great probability that entrepreneurs using the app will use GoDaddy cloud services in order to support their business.

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