Gmail warns you if your email isn’t encrypted and other email services are complying

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Gmail email encryption warning

A few days ago I wrote that major tech companies and email providers are getting together to make the email on the web totally encrypted. In February Gmail started flagging emails from non-encrypted sources. That means, if you receive an email from an email service provider that does not use or does not support TLS encryption you will be shown a warning, as explained in the visual below.

Gmail encryption lock icon

The new feature also warns you against opening bad web links.

From now onwards, a red “unlock” icon appears if someone sends you an email from an email service that does not support encryption.

Does it mean some of your emails are not being read by Gmail users? Could be. But there is a positive side to it. Google says in its recent blog post that in the 44 days since they introduced the warning signal, the amount of inbound mail sent over an encrypted connection has increased by 25%.

So this move by Google is encouraging other email providers to adopt TLS encryption with great speed because they know that many of their emails won’t get through the Gmail recipients because the Gmail recipients will receive a warning that may prompt them against opening the message.

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