Get the Uber taxi service to deliver groceries right at your doorstep

Uber grocery delivery service
Uber grocery delivery service

The famous car sharing and taxi service Uber can now deliver groceries right at your front door, provided you live in the USA, especially in the Washington DC area right now, because this is where the service is being introduced in the first phase. The service is called Cornerstore. The company is going to use its vast network of drivers to deliver you your groceries. According to Uber the service that is being introduced just in Washington DC is a sort of a test. There is no charge for the deliveries (of course you have to pay for the items) and you don’t have to pay a tip to the person who delivers your groceries.

The other players in the field are Amazon and Google’s Shopping Express. Amazon has its same-day service running in 12 US cities and Google Express delivers in a few cities in California and the island of Manhattan. Amazon is planning to try out the same-day delivery using drones in India, as early as October 2014. Delivering by drones, incidentally, is not allowed in the US.

Uber’s Cornerstone facility is available from within the main app. Right now the service covers 100 odd items that will be competitively priced.

It can be a good opportunity for those drivers who are simply waiting for the next passenger call. If they don’t have anything else to do, they might as well deliver groceries. The only problem is, since there is no fee, it hasn’t yet been figured out how people are supposed to make money. Even the cost of the groceries is kept in such a manner that it is not more than what you can find in the mainstream stores and shops.

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