Get a second screen for your Android phone with InkCase Plus


InkCase Plus allows you to have a second screen for your Android phone. Wondering what it is? Well, the conventional six-inch (or even less) sometimes isn’t enough, and besides, it consumes lots of battery. InkCase Plus allows you to attach a second screen to your existing Android phone but this is not a full-fledged screen. It comes with e-ink display – this is the same display that is used by e-book readers like Kindle reader. It does not show your colours, it is not as bright as the conventional screen, and the greatest benefit is, you can view the information under the sun.

A big problem with current smart phones and tablets is that you cannot read books under bright light. This was the only reason why despite having a 7 inch tablet I had to purchase a Kindle reader. Had I had such a screen, I wouldn’t have bought the needlessly expensive e-book reader. If you have this second screen it displays all the information using the e-ink that is easily usable under the sun. This is not just useful for reading digital books, you can even access information like your SMSs, emails, contacts book and even attend phonecalls. Aside from answering incoming calls and ending calls you can also control your music, display photographs and receive social networking notifications provided you are okay with viewing this information in black-and-white.

According to Oaxis, the company that makes InkCase Plus, “InkCase+ will let consumers personalise their phone case and allow alerts to be pushed to the low power E Ink screen. This means that when users want to check their notifications or even read a book there’s no need to power on the main screen, what’s more the low power E Ink screen also means notifications are always visible.” The press release further says, “The InkCase+ can provide reference materials such as maps, tickets or shopping lists even when it is out of power.”

This is a crowd-funded project listed at Kick Starter.


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