Really funny video of the Facebook algorithm “mafia”


Facebook wants to control what you see and what you don’t see. This fact was recently brought to light when the controversy about Facebook suppressing the freedom of speech of the Republican side of the political spectrum in the US.

Facebook has recently changed its News Feeds algorithm so that you will see more updates from friends and family and less updates from professional publications. Of course publications like New York Times and Washington Post and even zillions of blogs are not happy about the recent changes.

Facebook is a social networking platform people use to share interesting information and about their own happenings in life and once you have befriended someone or followed a particular page, it should be up to you whether you want to hear from that source or not. Facebook shouldn’t meddle with what I see and what I don’t, but this is exactly what Facebook is trying to do. It is almost like the mafia.

Here is a funny video created by College Humour that depicts the Facebook algorithm as the mafia that decides what you see on the website, what you share and what you like.

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