It seemed like one of the funniest smartphone unboxing videos, but, not

Funniest smartphone unboxing video
Funniest smartphone unboxing video

Video hosting websites like YouTube are filled with smartphone unboxing videos. Whenever you have a new smartphone, or for that matter, any new gadget, about to be released or has just been released, different “tech magazines” have set up this tradition of uploading unboxing videos.

Some video bloggers try to make unboxing videos that are amusing and even funny, but this unboxing video doesn’t actually unbox a new smartphone packet/box, it unboxes a complete briefcase. Yes, the new smartphone has been sent to the reviewer in a big briefcase.

Okay, have a look at this video:

And this is where the confusion starts. When I started watching the video I thought it was actually one of the funniest smartphone unboxing videos because the guy in the video seemed like mocking the guys in the unboxing videos. But as you progress with the video you find out that the unboxing is real. He is not creating a funny video, he is actually behaving like the guys who appear in the unboxing videos. And he is being serious about this stuff.

Anyway, what are unboxing videos?

Right now I’m not clear whether the latest gadgets are sent to these guys to create unboxing videos or they purchase the boxes and then create their own unboxing videos for their audience. All they do is, juggle around the box containing the gadget – in this case some flagship smartphone from Huawei – and then with great excitement, open it.

Sometimes they even discuss in detail what sort of blade they are using to rip apart the sellotape around the box. Then with great flourish, the blade is used and the box is opened and the items are taken out one by one. Normally it is a data cable and the charging plug that is taken around and shaken in front of the camera for a while. Then there is the help manual. Then the earplugs. And then the phone.

Before turning on the phone they normally take the battery out and wave it in front of the camera while discussing various aspects of the battery and then they put the battery back inside. Then they switch on the camera and briefly discuss the features and the specs of the phone. This is how a typical unboxing video goes.

Why an unboxing video and not a review video?

I guess initially it must had started as a unique way of presenting the latest gadgetry. Everybody must had been uploading review videos so some reviewers might have thought well, why not upload unboxing videos rather than review videos?

A big difference between an unboxing video and a review video is that in an unboxing video, most of the video is about unboxing the smartphone and taking individual parts out and showing them to the viewer. The viewer gets the actual experience of opening the box of a cutting-edge smartphone or tablet or any other gadget.

With all the is oohs and aahs.

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