You can use free Wi-Fi now on many Indian railway platforms

Free Wi-Fi available on Indian railway stations now
Free Wi-Fi available on Indian railway stations now

Thanks to Google now you can use free Wi-Fi on many Indian railway platforms with the Mumbai train station being the first one to allow commuters to log onto the Internet on their smartphones and tablets without paying.

Students, commuters and even snack shop vendors were seen logging onto the Internet this Friday at Mumbai Central Train Station according to this First Post report.

When it comes to using Wi-Fi and accessing the Internet with a relaxed mindset, there aren’t much options in India unlike its Western counterparts. Most of the Internet users pay a hefty fee whether they are using 3G/4G on their cell phones and tablets or Wi-Fi connections at offices and homes. There are some marketplaces and malls that provide free Wi-Fi but the terrible connection is as good as having no connection at all.

So free Wi-Fi – despite the phony promises made by AAP government of providing free Wi-Fi to the citizens of Delhi – is a rarity in India and hence people are quite excited about this new facility.

Does free Wi-Fi mean people will be going on rampage and downloading massive data on the railway stations? Are you already planning to download your favourite movies from torrent websites by spending a few hours at the railway station? This problem has already been imagined by Google and other free Wi-Fi providers and there is a one-hour limit of constant usage. After one hour of constant usage the speed of the net connection will be slowed down considerably to encourage people to get off the network.

The initial goal is to provide Google Wi-Fi service to at least 100 Railway stations across the country, according to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu (source). He launched the Wi-Fi service in collaboration with Google this Friday at Mumbai Central. Google has partnered with Railtel Corporation to provide free Wi-Fi on railway stations throughout the country.

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