Make free phone calls with Primo Connect, no catch

Make free phone calls with primo
Make free phone calls with primo

Fine, making free phone calls isn’t as big a deal as it used to be a few years ago. Everybody wanted to know how to make free phone calls using VoIP or whatever was available on the Internet even when people had no clue whom they would be calling. They just wanted to know how to make free phone calls. Since I was constantly working with international clients I did lots of research on how to make free phone calls using Skype and even other VoIP tools that were available at that time, and if not free, then at least at a rate that was significantly less than what I would have had to pay to the regular telecom provider.

Primo Connect claims to enable you to call 33 countries for free. In 65 countries you can make Primo to Primo calls. You can send SMS messages, make video calls, send files and documents, and also make traditional calls (traditional calls means calling landline and mobile numbers). Basically, despite being your preferred go-to instant messenger, it aspires to become your ultimate communications solution. Although you can call for free for a particular number of calls, even after you have used up your free calls quote the calling rates are quite low. Here’s the video of the Primo calling app:

Every instant messaging service these days allows you to make phone calls to the members. For example, you have always been able to make Skype to Skype calls. These days you can use WhatsApp to call other people using WhatsApp. Then there was some talk about Google Phone although I have never used it because it is not available in India. Facebook Messenger also allows you to make messenger-to-messenger phone calls if I’m not wrong.

Once you have installed the app on your mobile phone it gives you 200 minutes of free phone calls. After that, the more information you provide it, the more minutes you get, in the denomination of 100 calls. For example, if you verify your email ID with them, they add 200 more minutes of free calling to your account. If you add your location, they give you another 100 minutes, and so on.

The most widely used instant messaging service that is also used to make free phone calls is turning out to be WhatsApp. People are using WhatsApp in such great numbers that recently the service was banned in Brazil because the telcos had complained to the government that people had started bypassing the regular telephones totally. Here in India I have experienced that WhatsApp and Skype calls are clearer compared to the regular calls made through the telecommunications companies.

Update: At night when I tried to use Prime Connect it constantly had some server -related problem and eventually I had to give up and use the regular service. First, it was a bit difficult to find the contact and even after finding the contact, I wasn’t able to tap on the telephone icon in order to make a call. I’m mentioning this because a casual user wouldn’t spend so much time trying to figure out how to use an app especially when so many alternatives are available.

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