A foldable smartphone from Samsung


Having foldable smartphones isn’t exactly a new concept. Before the touchscreen smartphones we had flip phones. The upper portion was mostly the screen and the lower portion was mostly the keyboard and in the middle there was a strip or or gap or a rotator bar that would allow you to fold the phone and put it in your pocket.

But those were flip phones when the keyboard used to be a physical keyboard with physical keys. The new foldable smartphone from Samsung, as the name says, will be a smartphone, which means, the complete screen will be foldable. Like a thick paper, you will be able to fold the smartphone and put it inside your pocket. Samsung has the technology for bendable, organic LED screens that won’t damage when you fold them like paper.

The foldable smartphone from Samsung will also have a secondary screen that will activate when you fold the smartphone so that you can see the basic information while your smartphone is in a folded state.

Badly plagued by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones the Korean electronics company is desperately looking for something that can take people’s attention away from the Galaxy Note 7 devise and see the Samsung smartphones in an entirely new light.




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