Floating cloud speaker that plays music and shows you lightning


There is a floating cloud speaker that you can purchase. Of course this speaker plays all sorts of sounds and music, but for extra effect, flickers of lights inside it make you feel as if sparks of lightning are occurring within the cloud. Although it isn’t easy to get a floating cloud speaker for your home yet as the technology is very advanced. It may cost you $ 3360 to enjoy a floating cloud within the walls of your house.

The name of the project that is attempting to make this floating cloud that acts like a speaker is called “Making Weather”. There is an oval base upon which the cloud hovers and plays music. It uses magnetic components to hover in the air without falling on the base. It remains 1-2 inches above the base. The base continuously needs to be plugged into a power source. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The cloud floats in the air and it also wobbles slightly while its speakers play the music, in order to give a realistic touch. The floating cloud speaker also has an inbuilt Bluetooth Speaker and sound reactive LED lights.

Here is the magical vedio of the floating cloud speaker:


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