FlexCase is a flexible screen and display cover you can easily bend in any direction

FlexCase flexible screen display cover for your smartphone

Personally the best thing about the FlexCase flexible screen and display cover is that it can give your smartphone (and later on may be tablet) an e-paper display. The concept is somewhat like YotaPhone – if you don’t know what is YotaPhone it is a 2-screen phone from a Russian company. At the front it is the usual phone but on the backside, it has a secondary screen that supports an e-ink display. So if you don’t want to view information on your regular screen or if it is difficult to view information under the hot sun, you can quickly turn the phone around and you can use the phone using the e-ink display.

Here is the video that shows how you can use the FlexCase flexible screen and display cover in different ways:

FlexCase takes this to the next level by making a flexible screen and display cover that enables you to view the contents of your smartphone side-by-side, and not just viewing the contents, but also performing various functions on the main screen by swiping, touching, pressing and bending backwards and forwards various sections of the flexible screen.

For example, if you’re reading a book, you can flip through the pages on the main screen by bending the flexible screen backwards and forwards. This way you don’t have to touch the screen to perform various functions.

As mentioned above, it is a flip cover for your existing smartphone so no extra hardware is required as far as your existing smartphone goes. The FlexCase flipcase gives you a flexible input and output capabilities with the smartphone you already have. It gives you an e-paper display with a pressure and bend sensitive input sensor to augment the capabilities of an average smartphone.

You can use the flexible screen just like a sheet of paper. And just like a sheet of paper, you can perform touch, pressure, grip and bend gestures in a natural manner, just the way you would do with a sheet of paper.

Microsoft has collaborated with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria to create this smartphone case prototype that acts as a secondary touchscreen.

The e-ink display will allow you to see information on your smartphone under the bright sun just the way you can do it with Amazon’s Kindle reader.

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