This fitness tracker claims to make you healthier in just 21 days

Who in his or her right mind doesn’t want to get fit and healthy? The problem is, it takes lots of resolve, persistence and focus to attain the sort of goals that sometimes need to be achieved in order to arrive at a certain level of health and fitness. You can hire a coach or a motivator, or a physical trainer for yourself, or you can use something like Star.21, a fitness tracker that can, according to the claims of the developers, make you fit and healthy in 21 days. As you must’ve already seen on this blog, there are many companies trying to develop wearable gadgets that can help you be more productive, and more importantly, healthier. Take for instance, the Mi Band.

Funding for lots of products and new ideas these days is being sought at crowdfunding websites. Start.21 is being promoted on another crowd-funding website like Kickstarter, Pozible. It costs £ 19.

So what’s the fuss about the number 21? The developers team believes that it normally takes 21 days of consistent activity to form a habit and once this habit is formed you can take on from there.

The fitness band works with your iOS and Android device. You just need to set goals, preferably smaller goals that don’t stretch you much and then you can start your first day with achievable tasks. The band can help you monitor the number of steps you take, your sleeping pattern, your calories consumption and other such statistics, using a gaming interface so that you remain entertained while trekking your health and fitness goals.

Does this device work? At the fundamental level it all depends on you. If the desire doesn’t come from within, no matter how advanced an application or a gadget you’re using, it is not going to work. But yes, it definitely helps if you can track your progress and visually see it for daily confirmation.

Here is a video explaining the entire concept of Star.21:

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