How to find or recover an unsaved Word document in Windows 10

Recover unsaved Word document
Recover unsaved Word document

Quick steps to recover your unsaved Word document:

  1. Open word again with a blank document
  2. Click File
  3. Click the Info tab
  4. Click Manage Document drop down menu
  5. Click Recover Unsaved Documents
  6. Sort the file listing in Date modified descending order
  7. The topmost .asd file should be your unsaved document

There is a great chance of losing an unsaved Word document because normally once it is gone, you cannot find it because you never named it (you name your document when you save it). This could be even worse for you if it was important paperwork that you need after scanning it with something like this Lucion PDF Scanner. But in Windows 10 there is a way you can find or recover an unsaved Word document even if you forget to name it. Recover an unsaved Word document? Yes, it is possible. It can be done in Windows 10 and logical you should also be able to recover your unsaved documents in the previous version of Windows.

What’s an unsaved Word document? In this context, an unsaved Word document is a document that you started working on, may be created multiple pages, but you forgot to press CTRL+S, that is, you forgot to save the document. But what’s the big deal with saving a document if the document is being auto-saved? And besides, when you start MS Word the next time, they show you the document that has been recovered.

Yes, MS Word shows you the document that has been recovered, but sometimes it doesn’t, especially when you never save the document and name it. You see, naming the document is very important because it tells your computer where to look for the needy document when you try to find it.

When do you lose an unsaved document?

You lose an unsaved document suddenly when your system crashes. I have lost unsaved documents when suddenly there was a power cut and the UPS didn’t do what it was supposed to do. The system shut down and I lost the document I was working on if I was not saving the document continuously. Back then, I wish I knew how to find an unsaved Word document.

You can find or recover an unsaved Word document in MS Office 2010 onwards. If it was achievable before that, I am not aware of it so for this tutorial I am assuming you are using something like MS Office 2010-MS Office 2016.

Finding or recovering an unsaved Word document

Suppose you shutdown MS Word without saving your document or your system crashes. In order to find or recover your unsaved Word document simply launch MS Word and open a blank document.

Then click on File and in the proceeding window click Info if the focus is not already there.

Find unsaved Word document-info

Then, as shown in the image below, click on the drop-down and then click “Recover Unsaved Documents”.

Recover unsaved Word document drop-down option

In the preceding window, look for the latest .asd file. If you want to, rearrange the file listing in the Date Modified descending order. The latest .asd file should be your unsaved Word document that you need to find.

Can you also find older unsaved Word documents?

Yes, you can also do that. Simply go to the Windows Explorer and search for .asd files. You will be able to find and then recover all the unsaved Word documents.

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