How to find your lost Android smartphone with Google Search or remotely delete your data

Find your lost android smartphone with Google search or remotely delete your data
Find your lost android smartphone with Google search or remotely delete your data

Is there a way to find your lost Android smartphone? Or remotely delete your data?

Remember that there is a difference between a lost smartphone and a stolen smartphone. In case you have lost your Android smartphone and it might be somewhere around it’s very easy to find it and get it back (for example you left your phone in your car or even at your office). But if it has been stolen, even if you can find its location, sometimes it is difficult to get it back.

If your smartphone is stolen and if there is no chance of getting it back at least you can remotely delete your data so that your confidential information is not misused by the thief. You might be having your contact list and you might also be having your personal photographs stored on your smartphone. In such a case scenario, the best would be to remotely delete your data.

A couple of days ago my wife’s friend’s daughter’s fiancé (yes) lost his Sony Xperia Android smartphone while travelling in the metro. Actually the phone was stolen. Although there were many things they could have done in order to locate the phone especially when everywhere there are CCTV cameras at that time there was so much confusion that aside from feeling enraged and confused he couldn’t do much. My immediate advice to him was to log in to his Google account through a PC browser and remotely delete all his smartphone data.

Do you know how to find your lost Android smartphone with the help of Google Search? It can be done. All you have to do is, search for “find my phone” on Google search and Google will present to you with a Google map location pinpointing where your smartphone is.

Not only find the phone, but also remotely delete all the data on the smartphone in case there is no chance of the smartphone making its way back to you.

Here is how you can use Google to locate your lost Android smartphone:

  1. Before your smartphone is lost, make sure that you are logged in to your Google account on your smartphone (either using Gmail or Google Now). It will help if “Location” is set to high accuracy.
  2. If your Android smartphone is lost and you think it should just be somewhere around, simply log into your Google account using a PC or laptop browser and search for “find my phone” on Google search. It will immediately show you the Google map of your smartphone location. This way you can find out where your lost Android smartphone is.
  3. Another way is, directly go to This will not only show you on Google maps where your smartphone is, it will also give you an option of giving a Ring to your phone, lock your phone or erase its contents.

Remotely ringing your phone will draw people’s attention to it and this way you might be able to find your lost Android smartphone. Locking it will make it sure that nobody can access your smartphone in case someone has found it. Erasing or remotely deleting data on your smartphone will make sure that nobody can access your personal information, your emails and your photographs on your lost smartphone.

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