Finally we have a selfie stick that looks like a Coca-Cola bottle


If you have been waiting for this for a long time, your wait is over. Finally you can have a selfie stick that looks like a Coca-Cola bottle, developed by Coca-Cola Israel. I mean, what’s the use of having a normal selfie stick if you can have a selfie stick that looks like a Coca-Cola bottle?

Does this bottle contain your favourite beverage? Sure it does! According to this Fortune link, the base of the bottle is fitted with a camera and when you tilt the bottle 70-degrees while guzzling down the drink, it automatically takes a snap of your glorious self. Not just that – you would like the world to know what a great feat you are achieving – you can immediately share the photograph on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. If you are the unbelieving type, have a look at this tweet yourself:

The Coca-Cola bottle selfie stick is not actually a product, it is an advertising event. This is a branding effort to push the beverage among millennials who are spending more and more time sharing their photos and smaller videos on photo sharing websites like Snapchat and Instagram. People are encouraged to take their selfies while drinking Coca-Cola and then post those selfies on photo sharing websites. These images are then automatically shared on Coca-Cola’s Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat profiles. People can even tag their friends and family members when they are posting the Coca-Cola-drinking selfies.

How does the Coca-Cola selfie stick work?

You don’t have to do anything – the selfie stick is designed to work on its own provided the camera at the end of the bottle is set to take your selfie. There are sensors inside the camera that detect the tilt of the bottle, and as mentioned above, when it detects a 70-degrees tilt, the camera automatically clicks the photograph while you are drinking the cold drink. Even the process of sharing the images on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are automatic.

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