Finally a hoverboard that won’t catch fire?

Razor claims that its hoverboards won't catch fire
Razor claims that its hoverboards won't catch fire

Hoverboards have been catching fire and even setting homes on fire in different parts of the world. Recently there was even a video of a hoverboard catching fire during the filming of the un-boxing. And it’s not just catching fire that is making things dangerous for people; there is a design flaw that makes people using the hoverboard have a nasty fall when they lose balance. On this link you also saw the video of Mike Tyson having a very bad fall while trying out his new hoverboard. The incidents of people receiving injuries and homes catching fire have reached to such a proportion that the online retail website is offering full refunds for all the hoverboards purchased from the website.

But it doesn’t mean people don’t want to purchase hoverboards. In fact people are crazy over using hoverboards. In fact, in the Philippines, a priest was suspended for delivering his someone riding hoverboard.

According to this CNET report however, the world will finally, probably, get a hoverboard that won’t explode. It’s the Swagway hoverboard, yes, the same company that is being sued by a person whose home was allegedly burned down by a self-exploding hoverboard.

iFixit is a company that opens up high-profile gadgets to see what’s inside and how they can be improved. Recently it took apart a Swagway hoverboard and its charger. Aside from a few quirks, the company gave the Swagway hoverboard passing marks. It not only took apart the hoverboard, it also dived into the charger, the battery and the circuit board. The charger, according to the reviewer, was found to be quite good and no corners had been cut to reduce costs or compromise on quality.

The board had lithium-ion battery. The entire thing consisted of a “tidy block of 20 LG batteries with their own protection board.”. The only problem was that the solder joints from Shenzen Dalishen Technology were a bit skimpy. So far, this was the only problem the person at iFixit found with the Swagway hoverboard because these solder joints have to experience lots of power while the battery is charging and discharging.

The review ends with, “At the very least, it probably won’t turn into a Viking funeral pyre on wheels, but no guarantees.”

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