Feeling bored? Facebook can make your days exciting


Aside from being your preferred social networking and instant messaging (and even travelling for that matter) destination, Facebook is also planning to meet your entertainment needs in case you’re feeling left out and bored this holiday season.

Although the event-browsing feature will only be available for iOS users, considering the massive user base all over the world, it can be one of the biggest features Facebook might be trying in recent times, according to this TechCrunch link. But then, according to this Fox News report, initially this feature will just be available to a handful of iOS users.

Basically, remaining entertained requires 2 things: the people to be with and the evens to attend. Most of the time we don’t know what to do, where to go and whom to hang out with. Remaining in touch with friends and deciding to spend time together is not a problem, the problem often is, what to do. To solve this problem, Facebook is testing out a new feature that will present to you a list of major events such as food or drinks, music, nightlife and community in 10 major US cities. For the sensitive types, the feature will also have sections such as fine arts and crafts, sports and fitness, film and photography, performing arts and causes. So it’s not just entertainment, even if you want to stimulate yourself intellectually, or want to spend time more meaningfully, you can find the places in this new Facebook feature.

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